Why Leonardo speakers?

Coherent like a wide-range single transducer

Leonardo speakers use RTC (Real Total Coherence) proprietary technology to make bass unit and treble unit out of the same very light and strong materials with similar magnetic field intensity.




Controlled like a studio monitor

Leonardo speakers use very light diaphragms and huge magnets (about 100Kg per pair).





Dynamic like a horn

Leonardo speakers have a very big moving surface (almost 1 square meter per pair) with long stroke and constant driving force, so dynamic is huge and dynamic compression virtually non-existing.







Delivering a huge sound-stage like a big planar dipole

Leonardo speakers are big planar dipoles! They have a dispersion pattern with controlled directivity that interacts with your room acoustics in the best way without need for heavy treatments.  They approximate the ideal line-source.







Efficient and refined to match your beloved single ended tube amp

Leonardo speakers use a patent pending technology to make push-pull bass unit design so they have high sensitivity (93dB).








Laufer Teknik is the U.S. Distributor for this brand.

For more information, please visit:  www.leonardospeakers.it

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