Ubiq Audio Model One in Black Finish

Model One

 Our team has always felt that visual aesthetics don’t need to oppose the acoustic demands, but rather they go hand in hand with each other. The combination of a simple and elegant outer shape and strikingly fresh visual details results in a very harmonic and aesthetic presentation. Every detail, and all technological aspects of our 3-way speakers, reflects the highest demands that we have put on them.

The birth of MODEL ONE is a direct result of Igor Kante's decades long quest for an affordable, relatively compact speaker system of the highest sound quality caliber. Being an avid concertgoer he was mostly disappointed with the sound quality achievable even with very expensive audio gear. He always felt there must be ways to significantly improve the sound quality levels under the typical home conditions.





Ubiq Audio Model One in Walnut Finish





In recent years he re-discovered some of the legendary, classic speaker designs from the past like Altec and Acoustic Research. The listening experiences with these designs were much more reminiscent of the sound he heard at concerts and certainly much more realistic than with the plethora of the modern speakers coming from the high end audio sector.

The idea of having the most desirable traits of the old school speaker designs (the authority, dynamics, overall believability) coupled to enhancedlevels of transparency — under one hood, seemed very attractive and finally led to his decision to materialize such speaker under his own brand name.

Model One is available in four different color finishes.

Ubiq Audio Model One in White Finish













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hybrid integrated amplifier with internal dac


Laufer Teknik is the U.S. Distributor for this brand.

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