i4 Series - Active Vibration Isolation

Functionality and High Performance

i4 Series - Active Vibration Isolation

i4 Series - Active Vibration Isolation

The halcyonics_i4 is a state-of-the-art active vibration isolation system, which is ideal for isolating high-resolution measurement equipment from building vibrations and other disturbances. Besides the low-profile carbon-design, the system features straightforward handling for an easy operation. The two versions of the i4 system are multifunctional active vibration isolation systems for a variety of applications. This allows you flexibility for future applications with just one model. The isolation effect starts at 0.6 Hz, achieving the max. performance of -40 dB at 10 Hz, where 99.0% of the vibration is isolated.

Besides the extremely short settling time, a major advantage is the lack of a low frequency resonance, which is a frequency where passive isolators amplify vibrations instead of isolating them. There is no compressed air supply needed to operate the isolation system. AC power from an electrical outlet is sufficient. The halcyonics_i4 provides active compensation in all six degrees of freedom.

The control panel of the i4 is self-explanatory and the entire system is controlled by only three buttons. No manual adjusting or tuning is required. This enables the user to completely concentrate on the application.


Nano Series - Active Vibration Isolation

Designed for small and lightweight applications

Nano Series - Active Vibration Isolation   

Nano Series - Active Vibration Isolation


With the halcyonics_nano series, Accurion introduced a new product philosophy in 2008: Combination of the highest performance in active vibration isolation with the smallest dimensions at an excellent cost-performance ratio. This technology even allows active vibration isolation for entry level scanning probe microscopes.

There are two standard versions currently available: the Nano_20 and the Nano_30. Both systems are very lightweight and portable. The ultra-compact isolator of the Nano_20 only weighs 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)! Setting up the Nano system is exceptionally easy. It does not require any tuning or load adjustment prior to its use. Just place your application on top of the Nano system, attach the cables, release the transportation lock, turn it on and that’s it! This is definitely the fastest and easiest setup of an active isolation system!

The active vibration isolation takes effect right at 1 Hz and increases considerably from this frequency upwards. At above 15 Hz, halcyonics_nano systems achieve an isolation of 40 dB – which means that 99.0% of the vibration is effectively isolated.



Active Vibration Isolation for High-End Audio Components

The Silencer

The Silencer

People who possess high-end audio systems are fastidious. They demand an absolutely authentic rendition of their music. The Silencer takes you one gigantic step closer to this goal. The disturbing influence of vibration has its origins in buildings, in people moving through the room and also in airborne sound input from the loudspeakers. All these sources of disturbance lead to a distorted playback of audio signals.

The Silencer’s active damping system suppresses these disturbances masterfully, delivering spectacular results that are simply not available with passive vibration isolation systems. The Silencer focuses on high grade, analogue record players, CD-players, power amplifiers as well as other audio components sensitive to vibration.

High-Tech for Ultimate Listening Pleasure

The Silencer`s puristic design shows clear understatement, the sophisticated metal surface is only interrupted by one single switch on the front panel. LEDs point to its inner activities: ultra-fast control engineering absorbs vibration amplitudes in the micron-area. In recent years, this technology has become an essential part in modern, nanotechnological applications.

Accurion's Silencers contain sensors and actuators that are joined mechanically to each other. Vibrations occurring on the upper plate are measured and processed in a fast, analogue control loop. An amplifier controlling electrodynamic actuators creates correction forces that compensate for the incoming vibration. This leads to short response- and settling times as well as highest vibration isolation! Thus, it is able to provide a sound experience never achieved before!


Custom Design

Over the last years we continuously increased our product range to be able to provide an isolation solution for almost all applications. Many of our products can be adapted in different ways to meet specifications that are beyond the capabilities of our standard products.

Customizations range from basic modifications like adding mounting holes on certain positions over changes of the load capacity or the product dimensions to more complex changes involving some development effort. This sometimes even leads to new, customer-inspired products. Thus customer feedback plays an important role for our product development and please do not hesitate to ask us for special designs.


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