The VL-2

The VL-2

The VL-2

One of the finest book shelf loudspeakers you can find on earth, combining with Volent Patented Twin-Ribbon technology with specially designed 7” titanium cone woofer. Its patented dual Neodymium magnetic system, ‘Air System’ is designed for producing the finest detail you can imagine.

1.5″ Twin-Ribbon enabled Tweeter

Paragon VL-2 performs the best sound quality with Volent’s self-made Twin Ribbon Tweeter, pioneering other bookshelf speakers. With unique 1.5″ (3.8cm) Ribbon tweeters, Paragon VL-2 performs up to 50,000Hz, which gives you the most vivid sound atmosphere.

7″ Graphite/Titanium sandwiched cone woofer

Paragon VL-2 equipped with Graphite/Titanium sandwich-based 7″ woofer, so as to perform the best sound quality. The inner cone is made of Syntactic Polymer Hardfoam, outer layer is non-woven carbon fiber with Titanium ionized and sprayed on its surface. The merits of using both Graphite with its elasticity and Titanium’s stiffness are combined and give the details bass.

With its patented ” Air ” system, special designed Copper Faraday Ring, the counter-electromotive force is therefore minimized, the result is the bass is definitely the fastest and without losing any details.

Paragon VL-2 was equipped with distinctive quality wood board, 100% wool fillet and aluminum back plate, constituting a state-of-art combination of your dream loudspeakers.

VL-2 Signature Edition unique feature

Supreme Tweeter for the Signature

With its own latest tweeter development, VL-2 Signature Edition extends the limit and equipped with our latest Supreme tweeter, which is even lighter and thinner, and the transient response is faster than ever.

24K Gold Plated WBT binding Post

For all VL-2 Bookshelf, it is equipped with finest Germany WBT binding Post.  Signature Edition goes further with highest end WBT 24K Gold plated binding post in order to ensure finest transmission.

Highest End Crossover components & craftsmanship

With more than 6 months audition, VL-2 Signature Edition carefully selected the high end suitable components with greatest craftmanship. Equipped with Germany made Mundorf Silver/Gold & Supreme capacitors and bonded with the highest end Silver/Gold solder, all crossover was soldered by point to point wiring in order to maintain the highest craftmanship.

The VL-3

The VL-3

the VL-3

With the Introduction of first paragon VL-3 in 2007 ,  VL-3 received numerous awards and merits from media and the audiophile world.  In 2012,  VOLENT introduced the new NEW version of Paragon VL-3,  Paragon VL-3 (MKII), with even higher detail, bringing the definition of fidelity to further extension.

VOLENT Twin Ribbon tweeter goes up to 100KHz

The Paragon VL – 3 is equipped with the self made patented 2.5cm “Twin-Ribbon” super tweeter, able to produce the harmonics and high frequencies which “lift the curtain” on musical reproduction to give the listener a sense of presence as never before.

Titaninum/Carbon Fiber/Polymar foam sandwich cone woofer

Paragon VL-3 is equipped with one of the most advanced 7 inch woofer in the world,  combined with the latest production engineering technique and highest craftmanship.  For its 5 layers cone,  the non-woven carbon fiber combined with Middle layer Polymar foam was chosen for its light weight and high elasticity, and vapored titanium gives the cone its highest stiffness .  The result is the greatest dynamic with fastest transient response.

Highest craftsmanship with point to point wiring crossover

All Paragon VL-3 equipped with crossover which is soldered by VOLENT senior engineer with point to point wiring.  It can ensure the signal can go through the whole chain without any limitation and bottlenecks.  The result is smooth response even in an extreme high volume situation.

Ceramic midrange gives the greatest detail

Paragon VL-3 (MKII) equipped with igest standard ceramic based midrange drive unit,  which gives the richest midrange and performs with high definition.

The VL 3.5

The VL 3.5

The VL 3.5

With the heart of pursuing the excellent audio reproduction and 2 years on engineering , VOLENT designer extend the loudspeaker technology to a further limit and designed Paragon VL-3.5, a slim 4 ways floorstander with best performance in all High End aspect.

Twin Ribbon and the ceramic

Equipped with VOLENT self developed Twin-Ribbon super tweeter, Paragon VL-3.5 high frequency extends up to 100KHz, one of the few speaker in the world can truly reproduce what captured in LP , SACD and Blu-Ray media.

For VOLENT , we do not just want to reproduce music correctly but in the most elegant manner. For Paragon VL-3.5, Germany made ceramic tweeter was selected and integrated with other components seamlessly.

Titaninum/Carbon Fiber mid/woofer

Paragon series loudspeaker not just concern about the treble , but with the passion for the whole spectrum. Paragon VL-3.5 selected the best 5” & 2 x 7” mid woofer . With its 5 layers surface cone, Paragon VL-3.5 midwoofer combine with the most flexibility and stiffness contradicting characteristics.

The midwoofer ‘s surface cone is made of Polymar foam in the middle, non-woven carbon fiber plated on the front and the back and then very fine Titanium was plated on the the fiber surface to increase its stiffness.

HexaDamp (TM)

With its pursuit of excellent mid/bass reproduction, VOLENT developed latest HexaDamp for the Paragon VL-3.5. Hexagon is the strongest shape for standing vibration in nature. VOLENT engineer bring it to the High End audio reproduction.

All Paragon VL-3.5 internal damping board equipped with VOLENT latest engineered HexaDamp Structure. So, it does not just give the cabinet the strongest support but also with minimized self vibration within the system. So, what is mean , is bring the clearest & greatest mid/bass performance to a further limitation.

Bottom forwarded reflex port structure

Paragon VL-3.5 was specially engineered with bottom forwarded reflex port structure, which does not give the bass reflection in a 360 degree.

High end crossover components with point to point wiring

Paragon VL-3.5’s crossover components are all selected base on hours on research and audition. Each components are selected not just base on its material but base on its contribution to the whole system . System are all wired by point to point soldering with Silver solder and silver wires.

The VL-4

The VL-4

With mind of pursuiing the purest music, Paragon VL-4, probably the best loudspeaker system in the world was born. It dives from 20Hz and climbs to 100Hz with excellent dynamic and detailed resolution, namely the brightest instrument for all kind of music performance.

Volent’s Patented super tweeter and Air Motion Transducer give greatest details

Paragon VL-4 equipped with proprietary patented Twin-Ribbon super tweeter and special selected Air Motion Transducer. Treble’s performance is maximixed with greatest details and definition.

7″sandwich cone drive unit gives unbelievable detailed midrange

7″midrange unit’s cone is made of latest technology. Inner layer is made of Syntactic Polymer Hardfoam, outer layer is Graphite with Titanium ionized and sprayed on its surface. Graphite’s elasticity and Titanium’s stiffness and with specially designed copper Faraday Ring, Counter-electromotive force is minimized and gives the fastest and highest dynamic midrange.

12″woofer wquipped with Nomex Hexcone gives highest dynamic bass

12″ Hexcone woofer performs with the most dynamic bass with fastest impulse response. The woofer cone is made of Kelver and Nomex material.

Finest Craftmanship and best Point-to-point Crossover network

The Paragon VL-4′s crossover network are soldered by our senior engineer by point-to-point struture. The reason for this is because Point-to-point network can 3 times much wider signal path than normal PCB does. The result is Paragon VL-4 got fastest response without losing any music details.

All Paragon VL-4 is crafted with highest quality wood board, 100% wool filling, European veneer with High Gloss finishing.

The CL-2

The CL-2

The CL-2

In this unitVolent Engineers have produced their best price/performance speaker. With its patented twin-ribbon tweeter and 6″ die-cast woofer it is designed to produce a rich and deep sound image of ample spectrum.

Twin Ribbon Technology

The patented twin-ribbon tweeter extends the unit’s response from 35 to 50KHz.

Hextech voicecoil 6″ woofer

The 6″ die-cast woofer fed through our own design cross-over produces uncompromised bass in an incredibly small housing.

All Chorale CL-2 has been finish with outstanding quality wood board, 100% wool filling, specially design vertically placed crossover for minimize crossover vibration.

The CL-2 is available in 3 different colours, Black, Pearl white and Mahogany veneer with specially treated high-gloss finishing

The CL-2i

The CL-2i

The CL-2i

With providing the richest bass performance and slim size in mind, Volent’s engineer once again designed best in class Chorale CL-2i 2.5 ways floorstanding loudspeaker for audiophile.

Twin Ribbon enabled Tweeter goes up to 50KHz

Volent Twin Ribbon tweeter gives clear treble performance. Volent’s patented Twin-ribbon tweeter give finest treble with minimize phase error. all that gives Chorale CL-2i the best in class performance you can imagine.

Vertical Placed Crossover gives clear bass sound

Vertical paced crossover gives clear bass performance. During bass performance, which trigger large amount of air movement within the enclosure. Volent special designed vertical placed crossover which minimize the crossover vibration during the bass performance which gives you the most clear and detail enjoyment.

2x Hextech voice coil 6″ woofer gives robust bass with slim size

Dual 6 inches Hextech voice coil woofer gives CL-2i riches bass performance without scarifying details and sound field imagining abilities, for bass performance goes deep down to 35Hz. Chorale CL-2i can almost perform all kind of music perfectly.

All Chorale CL-2i has been finish with outstanding quality wood board, 100% wool filling, specially design vertically placed crossover for minimize crossover vibration. The CL-2i isavailable in 3 different colours, Black, Pearl white and Mahogany with specially treated high-gloss finishing

The CL-3

The CL-3

The CL-3

The Chorale CL – 3, 3-way floorstanding bass-reflex speaker is designed with the music-lover and audiophile in mind. Its design maximizes the latest in tweeter and voice-coil technology with the aim of satisfying the ears of the most critical music-lover

Twin Ribbon Tweeters

The CL – 3 is quipped with Volent’s patented twin-ribbon tweeter giving unrivaled treble response none of the dispersion limitations hitherto associated with this technology.

Specially Select 6″ Midrange drive unit

The hextech enabled midrange unit is dedicated through our purpose designed and built crossovers to reproduce perfectlythe 1 – 3 KHz range.

Twin Hextech voice coil 6″ Woofers

2 x Hextech voice coil 6″ woofers provide the rich and sonorous bass down to 32 Hz.

All Chorale CL-3 has been finish with outstanding quality wood board, 100% wool filling, specially design vertically placed crossover for minimize crossover vibration. The CL – 3 isavailable in 3 different colours, black, pearl white and mahogany with specially treated high-gloss finishing.


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